Kia Ora, Hongi Team!

Hey Hongi Team!

In just one short week we will all be meeting as a group for the first time in the LAX airport, about to hop on a (very looong) flight to New Zealand! We hope these last few weeks have been filled with family, friends, and general excitement for the upcoming adventure ahead!

Here are a few words of wisdom from us regarding packing…

Dave: “Headlamp or bust!’

Bria: “Don’t neglect your passions…bring at least one non-essential hobby item!” (watercolors, sketchpad, yoga mat, smallish instrument, travel chess set, etc!)

Dave: “Hint hint…. compression sack for your sleeping bag!”

Bria: “When in doubt, leave it out!” (that is, don’t bring too many clothes or things you don’t want to leave behind if you’re not using it…. you’ll gain things along the way!)

Other important packing considerations may include: snacks, snacks, snacks! (unless you’re a big fan of airplane food), small tupperware for leftovers on semester and camping, rain jacket, and PASSPORT!! 🙂

You may be curious about who we are, these mysterious Overseas Educators you’ll soon be meeting at the airport. We’ll give you a few hints. Dave loves running uphill (and the mountains in general!) and periodically haunting the kitchen for a midnight snack attack. Bria is an avid wearer of fuzzy robes (don’t worry, she won’t show up at the airport in one…she just likes being cozy!), and will be bringing a mystery instrument (not a guitar… any guesses?). We both love reading, so feel free to ask us for recommendations. Make sure to ask Dave about his heroic dog rescue feat. Other than that, we look forward to getting to know you in person and learning about each of you over the course of our three months together in the South Pacific!

See you soooon!
Bria and Dave