Kia Ora Walkabouters

photo-12 photo-2 photo-32 photo-5! Official Countdown: 7 days!

Nina & Brian here, writing from Carpe's home – Portland Oregon. We are in the midst of preparing the last details of our journey together & took some time to appreciate what Portlandia has to offer. We also want to take some time to send a few tips to prepare you for our upcoming adventure!

Spend Quality Time: take the time to have one last movie night, epic dance party, phone call, or Facebook stalk with your friends & loved ones. Then collect their real addresses so you can send postcards from the other side of the world. People love snail mail!

Eat: Share your favorite home cooked meal or visit your favorite restaurant one last time. Nothing tastes just like it! We recommend ice cream – Salt & Straw anyone?

[Photo #5]

Lighten your load: do you really need three pairs of leggings or all your lucky hats? Remember, you are going to have to carry & repack everything you bring for the next three months. Plus, anything you leave behind is like a present waiting for you. In the mean time, wear all of the clothes you won't be bringing on semester.

Remember: This is going to be fun, because we are about to go . . .

Climb Mt. Doom!
[photo #1]

Live in a Paradise!
[photo #2]

& Explore the Land Down Under!
[photo #3

We can't wait to begin the journey!