Kifaru Lands in Dar Es Salaam

Greeting, Friends and Family!

We have word from the Kifaru group that all went well in Amsterdam, and they are now on the ground in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Hurray!

The group is undoubtedly feeling the fatigue of such long travels, as well as the excitment at being in a vastly different region of the world. They have an airport pickup to a local hostel, where they will spend the night. They will then be on their way to a lovely orientation site in the Morogor area.

Thank you EVERYONE who has helped make this journey possible! It is truly wonderful to know that there is so much support for this intrepid group of nomads. Be on the lookout for further updates from the Kifaru group, as they experience the beauty, kindness, and complexity of the lands and cultures in which they find themselves immersed!

Safest of travels, Kifaru….and take great care of each other.