Kochi: It’s A Feeling

Kochi: it’s not a city, it’s a feeling.

Kochi: a tropical, coastal wonderland full of culture, food, and fun. This whole trip, I’ve never felt so at home as I’ve felt in Kochi. Every one of us has a chance to take classes on varying topics and stay with wonderful host families.

Every day, we would wake up and have breakfast with our host families before going to our own classes. I took Ayurveda, woodcarving, and cooking, but others took classes such as martial arts, flute, and painting. Outside of the classes, the days were ours. I often found myself reading in a cafe or walking along the coast, looking out on the water where the fisherman cast their Chinese Fishing nets. I never felt lost in Kochi, because every “wrong” turn lead me to somewhere amazing before I reached somewhere I knew. All the streets seem to cross in a way that takes you back to somewhere you know. Joy and peace permeate every corner of Kochi. It’s a place that feels like home. On our days off from classes, we would go to the beach or to the backwaters for kayaking and biking. I am sure that the sunsets over the water in Kochi are some of the most beautiful sunsets I will ever see in my life.

It was an amazing place full of magical moments and no blog I could ever write could encompass it all. I can’t wait to go back.

– Parker