Kolkata and Mother Theresa’s Homes

Blog from Sergio

Calcutta!!!! So first we flew from Leh to Dehli, then Dehli to Calcutta. We spent the whole day in airplanes and wandering, arrived here at around 10pm to find such a different environment compared to our last one that we would be exposed to for the upcoming week. After a lot of calmness, silence, fresh air, and cold, we were welcomed that night in Calcutta with loud honks, parades on the streets, pollution on the streets and air, and a significantly humid heat. It came with a comforting “home” feel with it though. Next morning we woke up early to consume some Calcutta vibes. We walked around the streets, visited a few markets, and rode some buses. We were back on the streets filled with desperate people selling and scamming, impatient cars making us run to the sides with really loud honks, and trash everywhere but where it is supposed to be. We finished the day with a nice Indian group dinner.

The next day we were up at 6:00am to register at Mother Teresa’s House! It was a very beautiful and religious place with nuns and pictures of Maria Teresa on the walls. We prayed next to many other foreign volunteers and I quickly recognizes a familiar language. I was extremely happy to hear Spanish again! I got to meet hispanic people from all over the world and speak my native language after so long without being able to, it was amazing. We were then assigned different houses that we would be working at from 8 to 12. Me, Matt and John were assigned Prem Dan. This house is specifically for older people who generally have physical or mental problems. It consisted of a schedule every day: it started with washing clothes and hanging them. Then we cleaned the floor. Then we made beds for the patients,served tea and cookies, and fed them to the ones not able to eat by themselves. Then we would have tea and cookies ourselves. Then we served lunch and finally washed the dishes to finish the day. We were also there to help on their personal needs whenever they needed help, such as carrying them from bed to bed and using wheelchairs, as well as interacting with them.

We were all put in different houses though so many had different experiences such as working with kids, and terminally ill patients.

One of the days we visited the biggest flower market in the world and crossed the Ganges river on a boat, then visited a museum. Other than that it was pretty much the same routine during the day in Mother Teresa’s house and trying different foods the rest of the day. I love egg rolls!

Today was our last day volunteering and tomorrow we leave at night on the sleeper train! I’m really excited for our next experience even though the one this past week was life-changing so I’m trying my best to stay away from expectations. Hope everyone is well and happy at home and if not, CHANGE!