Hello Everybody~
We’ve finally arrived in Kolkata, after an overnight train ride, after a five hour jeep from Gangtok. We said our longing goodbyes to the majestic Himalayan town up in the jungles. The drive was beautiful along the Teetsa river, which is wide, fast, and brown. We got a flat tire, but the driver fixed it in no time. We arrived at Mgp train station and it started to feel like good ole India again. It was a crazy scene down on the platform, with a lot of beggers, the rush of many travelers, food, chai, and things being sold. After a confusing rush to a new platform we boarded the train. The stimulation was a lot, but we soon settled onto our sleeper beds and rambled down the tracks. Out the window in the morning was beautiful sprawling green fields and people working barefooted on the land. Though, once we got into the station at Kolkata it was another story. The crazy city and the scramble into Taxis from the train was another overhwleming sight of India. Now that we’ve spent the day here I think we can all say we’ve seen at least five outstanding things we never had before. This place is quite incredible, and I’m ready for the next 10, seemingly intense, days of it. We all went to the Mother Theresa House to get oriented, and I feel very happy at the oppurutnity we have to work at such a historic center. I think we will learn a lot about the inner workings of India, including the begger mafia chain, while in Kolkata. We all have different jobs with the center. Some of us will be working with disabled children, ill children, the dying, ill adults, and mentally challenged women. So let’s see what these experiences bring to the shanti table, shall we?
Much Love from all our hearts to those at home.

SHAnti Bahar!!!