Last Days

Namaste Family and Friends.
We finished up the ashram program with a nice Puja ceremony, in which we chanted a mantra 108 times before burning our worries away. Then we left the rushing Ganga and drove down to Haridwar. We stayed here last night and watched the news of the Mumbai attacks – a crazy way to come back to the world indeed. Scary, but luckily it’s far from where we are, and the last terrorist inside the seiged Taj Hotel was captured. Let us take a moment to think of the people affected there. Unfortunately for us: our trip to the Taj Mahal has been cancelled for safety reasons. But, today we plan to travel to Chandigarh and chill out and see this awesome “Wonderland-like” rock garden and catch a movie as well. Then, it’s back to Delhi before boarding the plane back to America, (and then Canada). So we love and will see you soon.