Latitudes students safe in Nepal

After the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal this Saturday, here at Carpe Diem we are holding all of the people affected in our hearts and thoughts.

Our three Latitudes students are safe, uninjured, and we are in communication with each of them.  We also have a semester group in Northern India who are unaffected by the earthquake.

Two of our students were volunteering in Kathmandu at the time of the earthquake.  They are both currently at the U.S Embassy along with other American volunteers from their host organization where they have shelter, food, and water.  A third student was volunteering at Mountain View Eco Farm in a rural area Southeast of Pohkara.  She and her host family also have access to food, water, and shelter and are able to be in dialogue with us.  

All of our students are enrolled in the Smart Traveler's Enrollmet Program (STEP) through the United States Department of Travel.  As such they are registered with the U.S Embassy in Khathmandu which has been able to mark them as safe during this process and provide them with up to date emergency response and preparedness information.  

As with any large disaster, there is an emergency protocol in place as well as the need to stay flexible.  We are actively developing the best possible plans for our students moving forward with their safety as the number one priority.  For now, that means staying in place as per the U.S Embassy's emergency message recommendations.   We are also following all of the guidelines in the U.S Embassy's Emergency Preparedness Manual regarding what to do after an earthquake in Nepal.  As we move forward we will evaluate and assist with evacuation plans, flights, trauma counseling if requested, and as much emotional and logistical support as needed.  

This disaster has affected all of us deeply – we will continue to support our students in every way possible and are proud of them for their continued demonstrations of maturity and grace throughout this heartbreaking ordeal.  As part of a global community, the Carpe Diem family is deeply saddened by Nepal's devastating losses.  Many of us have had the privilege of traveling through the incredible country in the past and hold memories of host families, friends, and the beauty of the land dearly.   Whether you simply take a moment to send good thoughts and prayers or consider making a financial contribution to a relief organization, we are grateful for all of those who are standing with Nepal.   

If you would like to reach out with further questions, concerns, or simply to express support please pick up the phone and call the office.  Below are some further resources, and in the meantime all of our best to the people of Nepal and around the world affected by this tragedy.

Nepal Relief Funds: Where to Donate

Portland-Based Mercy Corps to Hold Candlelight Vigil for Nepal Victims 

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Carpe Diem Headquarters: (503)-285-1800