Let The Adventure Begin


Natalie and Dan here reporting from Portland, Oregon! We just wanted to introduce ourselves and touch base before meeting you all very soon!

We have been hard at work preparing for our upcoming time together this semester! From taking specific training courses, to working with the office crew, to meeting all of the other Overseas Educators, we have fully enjoyed the last week here in Portland. Specifically, we have done some planning on risk management, curriculum and educational outcomes, fun games, and connecting with local contacts. Our semester is shaping up to be an amazing experience with incredible local contacts and we are honored to have the privilege of working with you all so soon!

Natalie’s is especially looking forward to our time on the Hart Family Farm. Coming from a background of working on different farms around the world, she is excited to continue to learn alongside the students about the Hart’s idea of sustainability, community and land regeneration.

Dan is stoked to be working and living in our intentional community of 14 for the upcoming 3 months. Specifically, he is curious and excited for our time spent in rural Fiji living in home-stays. Much of the South Pacific program is in developed countries and he thinks that this aspect of the itinerary will open the eyes of students and himself alike.

We look forward to meeting everyone in the airport!

Natalie and Dan