Let’s Paint!

Hey everyone,
I would tell you where exactly we are but my role in the group does not involve pronouncing or spelling names correctly. What I will tell you is we are painting! Painting classrooms to be exact. We finished our two base coats of white paint in the three classrooms we’re working on and graduate to sky blue paint tomorrow. We’re painting classrooms for the street families compound where we are currently living and volunteering.

Much has happened since our sleeping jet lagged days. I informed Tessa to acclimate her mouth to coca cola. We visited Angkor Watt, one of the seven wonders of the world. We have ate crazy amounts of rice. Brian taught us the glory of a lime juice drink. Tessa and Amanda argue regularly at breakfast about everything and anything (all in good fun of course). Tessa and I agree attachment can be fatal. Alecc is getting a steady supply of naps while attempting to read. Tessa on the other hand managed to read 130 pages of the lonely planet book last night. AND EVERY night we all have been ënjoying“the loud karaoke the plays from the club that’s right behind where we sleep.

Anyhow… Life is good. We’re all bonding together very well and faces all our adventures as a team.

Peace out
and the rest of the crew (though please don’t hold them responsible for anything I wrote as they haven”t seen it yet and I’m eager to see their faces as they read this wonderful blog.)