Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve posted.. It’s hard to get internet here… especially since we didn’t have much access in Fort Portal. Well anyways… we’re back in Kampala after being in Fort Portal for a while. Fort Portal was beautiful. It was so green and it had the most amazing sky. We stayed at YES hostel (Youth Encouragement Services) hosted by Carol Adams, an American who has lived here for about 13 years helping kids in need have a better life and get an education. It’s much more peaceful here in Fort Portal, especially because we are located right in the valley surrounded by nature.
We were assigned 2 different projects here, so they divided us into 2 groups. I was with Aura, Andrea, Jessie, Zik and David. We were assigned to build a chicken coop for a very big family. The family consists of an old grandmother, a blind grandfather, and about 24 children from the ages 1-15 (i think). The grandmother and grandfather have taken in the children of their deceased, alcoholic and homeless children. All 26 of them live in a mudhut about a 4th of the size of a simple house in the states. They all share beds and clothes and pretty much everything else they own.. which is not much. Sometimes they go a couple days without food and weeks or months without meat. Most of the kids have a sort of Protein deficiency, which can make them very sick. You can see they our work was greatly appreciated. ALthough we were unable to complete it Carpe Diem donated over 1000 dollars in our name. It was such an amazing experience to play with the kids and truly see the life of these people in 3rd world countries.

Everyone else worked at the Mana Rescue Home, I don’t know much about their project, but I do know they they built a cow shed with the help of “Bruno and the boys”. I’m sure they posted their projects in more detail.

This past week consisted of hard work days, but we all had fun and came out with much more cultural experience then we ever thought we would get.

Kate and I got our hair braided by a local woman. It took a few days, but we are having fun with it…

My ring worm is going away… RIP Alfredo. But really, I’ve been taking antifungal pills, so everything is good.

Well since everyone has been posting I am assuming were still going rafting…. hopefully I’ll survive.

Miss you all!