Love: A Wish for Someone to Be Happy

Tristan’s right shoe was never found. It’ll be forever missing in the rice paddies of Kopan. Sophia’s left shoe began to cause her food to bleed. It worked out that the lonely shoe was put to use: Sophia wearing Tristan’s left shoe and her right shoe. It matched her shirt, and she looked astonishing.

We wrapped up our time in Kopan by making our rounds and saying goodbye to all of the lovely Nepali people who had taken us in to their homes and welcomed us into their schools. We didn’t go far, though. Just up the hill to the Kopan Monastery we went! As soon as we entered the gates, we were transported into a new world. We made vows to not kill, steal, lie, listen to music, have sexual misconduct, and the hardest of all, to not sing. Kelsi showed us to the garden where hundreds of butterflies, dragon flies, and ants danced in blissful glee.

About the vows: They seemed like a piece of cake but within the first hour we realized they would be much harder to follow. Brianna was faced with the question: Should I be faced with the karma of killing or dance about the room to lead the insects out the window? She spent quite some time trying to get them out of the room. No bad karma for Brianna!

Each day we woke early to meditate, eat breakfast, and attend our first two hour teaching, and eat lunch. All of this was done in a meditative silence. In the afternoons, after we woke from our guilt-free naps we would attend a second two hour teaching, enjoy tea time, meditate, eat dinner, and go to sleep. We repeated this for five days. We learned the basics of Buddhist philosophies and practices by the wonderful Ven. Joan. It was a nice way to reflect after leaving our home stays and the individuals we’d come to love. We’ve took with us to always have an open and compassionate heart.

Though our week was comfortable and reflective, it was marked by illness. Emma came down with a little something but was cured by the magical healing powers of an enlightened Kopan cat.

We’ve left the haven of Kopan and returned to Boudha to have a night of relaxation and reflection before taking on our next adventure. Stay tuned…

Brianna and Tristan