Macchu Picchu – We Made It!

We made it! It was an epic hike, over the Salkantay pass at 15,000 ft, camping below massive mountain peaks, and pushing our bodies to complete 4 days of hiking.

Our troop of 10 (plus a guide, cooks, mules and mule drivers) had a great experience. From high mountain peaks to the jungle, we traversed through an amazing array of ecosystems. It was an unforgettable experience! We met the final two, with bum ankles (Adam and Grace), at the hot springs in Santa Theresa and then continued onto Aguas Calientes and Macchu Picchu.

It was a great finish to and amazing journey.

Macchu Picchu at last!!!
Salkantay peak: 15,000 ft, hail, sunshine, and beautiful views.
The condor, puma and the snake…representing the three symbolic stages of Inca life.