Mangroves, Fish, & Amoebas, Oh My!

blog and photos from Kyla M

Taking a turn from cultural constipation, our group members were plummeting (literally!) Thanks to my bad luck, I got the worst of an amoeba invasion (a bacterial infection caused by consuming dirty water). It has definitely been a nerve racking experience having to go to the hospital in a foreign country, but it has taught me how to be brave and to always look on the brighter side of things. We don’t realize how fortunate we are to have Western medicine available to us almost all of the time and that our problems we come across aren’t as bad as they could be.

But, no need to worry, everyone is healthy again! This week, we immersed ourselves fully in this amazing community which involved planting mangrove trees, visiting bat caves, staying in over-water bungalows, swimming in the Kampot river and at Kep beach, kayaking, paddle-boarding and exploring the new, exotic city. It is our first time this trip being near water, so we have been very excited to finally dive in and get wet (but mainly for the free, natural shower!) We celebrated two birthdays this past week, Ajenai and Iona, which meant double the cake! It has been such a blessing to interact with the friendly community we’re staying with because they’re truly so welcoming, along with everyone else here in Cambodia. Our final contacts in this country did not disappoint!