Marhaba Salaam!

Dear students,

A week for now we’ll be meeting at JFK International Airport in New York to start our three-month journey of growth and adventure. Soon we’ll be immersed in souks and Arabic and mint tea (not literally), but in the meantime take the time to enjoy the precious last moments of home with family, friends, dogs, cats, hamsters, your favorite coffee shops, parks, and favorite foods (unless it’s tagine, then no worries).

A few last minute packing tips from the pros: 1) pack light. You can always buy things you need there, shampoos, deodorants, batteries, pants; 2) a small tupperware container with a secure lid for packing lunches or leftovers is a good idea; and 3) a couple of small carabiners will be nice for trekking and the Camino to attach things to your backpack.

You’re probably curious about who you’ll be meeting at the airport next Wednesday. So here are some fun facts to get you started: Kate has a great party trick that you should ask her to show you, but not for two weeks. Sheldon is an adventurous eater, but will not eat generic cornflakes. Kate is very, very passionate about hydration. Sheldon is a professional writer (don’t worry Carpe Diem, this one’s on me). If you thought Kate was passionate about hydration, ask her how she feels about fixing zippers. Sheldon has a strong opinion about Disney’s Little Mermaid that he will very self-righteously share with you if given half a chance.

Can’t wait to see you. K&S