This past week was one for the ages! After spending last week in the remote town of El Pisacho, we set forth to the city of Matagalpa, for our fourth and final week of spanish classes. We spent each morning taking classes at the Colibri Spanish School, and were blessed with yet another wonderful set of teachers. Much thanks and love to Diana, Carla, and Myra for an amazing week of classes and activities!
Equally as awesome were our homestay families. It was both refreshing and enjoyable being able to revert back to the partner format for this week of homestays, as it was much less difficult to communicate with each other and our homestay families. The delicious homecooked meals didn’t hurt, either.
When not in class or at home, we partook in various afternoon activities run by Colibri. Whether it was Monday’s cooking class, Wednesday’s steep hike to the massive cross on the top of the mountain, or Friday’s dance class, the rich Matagalpan culture was always sprinkled throughout. Our week came to a close with a day of hiking and a night of camping out in the jungle located right outside of the city. We set off for Bona Fide permaculture farm tomorrow, and are looking forward to having another great week before we begin our home stretch into student directed travel!