Meraki Photo Blog

Photo Blog By Liam & Mackenzie

Inside one of the many cave churches we hiked to on Wednesday morning.
The group hiking in the canyon to the next view point.
Beautiful views.
The view from the top of the canyon to Sassi.
Post hike silly photo.
Giuseppe telling the group about the donkeys.
We learned how to make soap from a local chemist named Gianni.
Aidan helping out in making our batch of soap.
Thanksgiving food prep.
Waiting for our guests at the beautifully decorated thanksgiving table per Chloe and Clemmie.
Kai cutting into the many delicious pumpkin pies she made.
Our homie Birgit wearing Liam’s sunglasses over her glasses.
Last minute decision beach day. The group all jumped in the freezing cold water and enjoyed the sand.
Liam and Kai!
Andrea’s parents came to the farm to teach us how to make panzerotti (a savory turnover).
The group before exploring the Colosseum and Roman Forum.
The Roman Colosseum.
More views from the Colosseum.
Chloe preformed some dances at the Colosseum and in the process we made a new friend named Kwaku who danced with us.
Adam found a Bitcoin ATM.
The group giving Alex a haircut.
The colosseum lit up at night.
Aidan giving the Trevi fountain a two thumbs up.
The group with some new Polish friends they made during a night walk through Rome.
The final group dinner.