Mexico’s Finest

Hello all, Through Carpe Diem is the first time I have been out of the United States, and it has substantially been the fastest I have seen my life go by. In a good way… I now reside in Merida, Mexico, the capital of Yucatan, which is a beautiful Peninsula filled with much history and rich culture. If many of you don't know where Merida is, Google it.. Or it's about three to four hours west of Cancun. Merida consists of music in the streets, colonial architecture, festivals every Sunday, Mayan ruins nearby, and a nice beach called Progresso on the northern tip of the peninsula. I have tons of access to whatever it may be when I am not working.

An organization to the North of Merida is giving me the opportunity to assist them in helping small business' export goods on a global scale. All in all, the work done here allows business' to expand and grow to reach goals that would be difficult and potentially expensive to do alone. Currently, we are working with a condiments business right here in Merida. We are doing research as to what companies would be interested in the product, how to get it there with many regulations, and I personally am working on the design of the products box to hopefully make it more appealing to the United States market. Hopefully, I can one day see this product on American shelves with our ideas! It's definitely a neat experience so far.

As I said before, there is so much to do while living in Merida, so when I am not working, there is never a question of if there is anything to do. I like exploring the city by going to different coffee shops, as there are a lot. There are also all sorts of interesting museums that capture modern art, the history of Yucatan, etc.. I have been going to Mayan ruins, different cities that all have something new to offer, and tasting restaurants that I would not get in the States. That's a simple overlook on what's up in Merida! Oh and it's 90 degrees everyday.. Lovin it.

-Noah aka Noe