Missing you from Roatán

Dear Maya 2016…

It is difficult to describe the mix of emotions we are feeling while we spend our first night and day without you in three months. The absence of belly laughs, “Rocky Top”, and the ever present call of “Guys!” leaves a conspicuous silence. We have been doing a lot of processing  together and some real gems have come out of it. One that sticks out above the rest is how much trust we had in you by the end of the trip: trust that you would get us to where we needed to go, that you would have a place for us to sleep that night, that you wouldn’t break curfew or the Sacred 6, that you would meet everyday with your best selves and enjoy the heck out of whatever you were doing. The trust that carried this group was on a level that neither of us has experienced before and it leaves us with a satisfied feeling. We are both so proud of you all. 

Now that the program is behind us, our group’s trust takes a new incarnation. Now, as designers of our respective paths, infused with freedom and new beginnings, we are all called to trust in our selves and in our processes of creating greatness from these 12 weeks. Trust that we will all do what we need to do. Trust that we will take away from this program what we need to take. Trust that we will embody the lessons we learned in time, whether it feels like we’re doing it or not. Trust that the mystery toilet clogger will be revealed…. (cue: “It Wasn’t Me”)

All in due time, amigos. 

Sending you our appreciation, respect, well wishes, and so much sticky, sweaty love from Half Moon Bay.

Don’t stop journaling! 

Alison & Kelsey