Hey everyone!

Our stay in Monteverde has been quite fantastic. Yesterday we all went ziplining over the cloud forest, a total of 15 ziplines including one called SUPERMAN in which we sped high above the forest suspended in a superman-like position. It was the closest we will ever come to flying, or most of us anyway. The highlight was a 120 foot drop at the end, notoriously named the Tarzan Swing. Although some of us have an intense fear of heights, we all made the precarious jump and instantly felt the awesome effects of adrenaline. It was definitely a good team building exercise; the fear of peeing your pants always brings people together. It was also hilarious to predict and hear everyone’s scream, or lack thereof.

Today we went to the beautiful reserve of Monteverde. The cloud forest was incredible and we all got up at 5:30 am to get the best experience possible. Apparently, the earlier the better in terms of animal sightings. Included in our repitoire of animal sightings were a female Quetzal bird, Guan birds, and millipedes. We were mostly silent to appreciate the beauty around us. Tomorrow we set out for Playa Samara to participate in the turtle conservation project. We hope to see turtles!
Only 16 days left, it’s actually unbelievable.
Until later,
Jessie and Meg