Move to Mariposa

We have finished orientation (wow, that was fast) and the group really seems to like one another. Here are some snapshots of the highlights from our orientation: walking to a lake on the edge of town at sunset for the culmination of our first day; dance-bathing in the rain as an afternoon shower moved through town; exploring our new surroundings during a scavenger hunt; and having ample opportunity to connect as a group.

We have now moved from the lovely small city of Masaya to our lush green Spanish school in La Concepcion. The Mariposa Spanish School is situated along an inviting hillside and offers clear views of the countryside. In addition to the human residents, the school houses an abundance of friendly rescue dogs and horses. After the heat of Masaya, last night we enjoyed the reprieve of a cool evening breeze (some of us even dug the long sleeves from our packs), freshly cooked food and games around the dining table before heading to our bunk-style beds.

Country sleeping brought a cacophony of night noises; some inviting (the peeps of woodland frogs) and some that we will hopefully adapt to (those dogs like to talk and the roosters come early!). After breakfast, we jumped right into our volunteer projects, which primarily involved engaging with younger students at various community centers and a couple of students got a little dirty in the act of planting seeds at a local garden and reforestation center.

The momentum continued after lunch with the start of Spanish classes. I don’t believe any of us have taken classes outside overlooking a volcano on the horizon.

Stay posted for more.

Saludos a todos,