Much Ado About Dirt Photos

Mari, Rachel, Lily, Elsie & Freya smile from an abandoned mining cave.
The group works together to clean buckets and tools after a big day at Deep Dirt.
The group listens as Carolyn describes the uniqueness of the landscape and biomes of Patagonia during our mine tour.
Leila, Sophie, Mari, Kerri, Eli, Freya & Lily sit on their beautiful rock structure.
Petar, Elsie, Rachel & Jacob sitting proudly near the rock structure they just built.
Lily and Elsie work hard at digging out sediment to create sunken garden beds.
Eli, Petar, Lily & Leila work on lining the garden beds we made with rocks.
Kate T shows us how to make seed balls out of native grass and plant seed with dirt, compost and water. We made 876 in total!
Election Night! Eli shows off his beautifully hand-drawn map of the U.S.A., blue and red markers in hand ready to color in each state.