Namaste! From the Yoga Retreat

Namaste from the yoga retreat and our second-to-last week here on this incredible journey.

This week we journeyed back towards Ollantaytambo and deep into the Sacred Valley, where we pulled up to our gorgeous yoga spot and our home for the next five days. After getting off the bus and organizing into rooms, we had a vegetarian lunch and were given our schedule for the week. Next, we gathered outside to set our intentions and goals for the week along with what we thought would be most challenging for us personally that week. We then talked about what we thought yoga was and what the meaning behind it is. The night yoga class that followed the talk was one that set the base for what the week would have in store for use. We had a post-yoga soup and headed to bed.

The following morning we woke up at seven and had meditation and then yoga, all before our nine am breakfast. Our breakfasts generally consisted of fruits and quinoa oatmeal to fuel us for our daily “Seva” or service. This generally meant helping out in the garden or picking up trash outside the yoga retreat. The first day’s workshops were all about the seven chakras and how to improve them. That all lead up to our night yoga and Thai massage class. After dinner every night, some students would do their presentations for PSU classes which became a struggle as the week went on due to pure exhaustion from yoga and the previous week.

The week blew by following the same schedule of meditation and yoga, then breakfast, followed by Seva and a workshop, then lunch and another workshop, all leading to night yoga and dinner. Each workshop was completely different but we’re all about the yoga lifestyle.

The second day’s workshop was a Pranayama or breathing workshop, which opened up our channels to let more energy into our body. Our next workshop was one about Dosha’s, or the elements that our bodies are made of. Our ensuing workshops involved yoga diet, astrology, and a cooking class. Meanwhile, the rest of the yoga classes varied as well from normal yoga to restorative, and even acro yoga, where people got to fly. (Disclaimer: nobody on this program took part in any actually flying due to yoga). Now we are headed back to Cusco for the day to prepare for the infamous Machu Picchu, Salkantay Trail. With well-rested bodies and a week of healthy dieting hopefully, we are ready to take on our final week.