Nasolo Village

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Bula Friends and Family,

Greetings from Nasolo Village on Vatu Levu Island in Fiji. We have spent the last week immersing ourselves in a Fijian village. We have spent the week constructing sidewalks and a driveway. It was definitely an interesting experience making concrete using sand and rocks and mixing it in a barrel that was cut in half with a hand saw. Our hard work paid off though because we completed our work project a day early. We have also enjoyed our time getting to know our host families, especially the kids.

Everyone here is so kind and welcoming. We have definitely appreciated the four full meals a day. No meal is complete unless you go up for thirds. We have also enjoyed participating in the tradition kava ceremonies., and we have even made our own billows to drink out of.

The scenery here is picturesque. The villages lies below the mountains, and it is two kilometers from the sea. We are also very fortunate that the village is right next to a river. We have spent countless hours cooling ourselves off in the water, and have enjoyed jumping off the rope swing.

Our nights are spent dancing and singing with the kids. Our past two Sundays were spent in church, and participating the Sunday school. This past Sunday was Palm Sunday, and the village welcomed us with open arms to participate in their service.

Our time in the village will never be forgotten. We've all made such memorable relationships in the village of Nasolo.

Moce (goodbye) !!!

Walkabout (Andrew and Sarah)