A new kind of learning

HEY all! Sorry this might be a little late it´s been very busy for us all.
Kesia of the Carpe Diem group wishing everyone´s friends and families and loved ones nothing but the best.
Things have been crazy, wonderful and beautiful!
It all started with some heavy duty spanish classes back in the amazing and busy city of Xela. Our spanish classes were 5 hours each with private tutors- so dont be surprised if we all come back with no memory of English. We ate all of our meals with our host families, two per house and in our downtime we all explored the town, volunteered with a local school and took classes in cooking and dance! Our teachers were fantastic and the town is full of energy.
At the end of the week we went for a hike…. for two days over an old volcano called zuneal. It was one of he hardest things of our life. Everyone carried full backpacks of tents, food and water and sweat our butts off! But the veiw was possibly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. We were IN the clouds! At the end we stayed in some hot springs and were able to relax a bit.
This week has been a journey of our minds and our bodies and we are doing some yoga and medititation so our spirits can kind of catch up- I am pretty exctied to stretch, honestly- Wishing everyone the best and sending our love!