New Week, New Country

By Tosca van Oostrum and Maytal Agasi

Last week we were in Rwanda and experienced a lot of emotions that we wanted to share with you.

Apprehensive for crossing our very first land border.
Thankful for better infrastructure in Rwanda.
Frustrated with the language barrier.
Clean due to the supposedly “free” laundry service.
Intune with the nature that surrounds us (even the bugs).
Shocked by the personal stories of the genocide but inspired by their growth and positive mindset.
Scammed by the taxi drivers who overcharged us.
Excited for the Black Panther film.
Full from all of the good food in Kigali.
Overwhelmed by the amazing aroma of the Huye coffee.
Deeper love for the amazing Carpe family.
Wiser on the way to Tanzania.