Ohana Gratitude

Aloha Ohana,

We want to extend one final thank you to everyone who made this spring semester possible, including families, friends, HQ staff, and the amazing folks we crossed paths with throughout our time in Maui. The past eight weeks were so full— full of community, culture, sunshine, learning, friendships, whales, ice cream, hikes, farming, weeding, music, poems, dancing, journaling, silence, meditation, stretching, sharing, stars, and much more.

As we move forward into the summer, we will try to carry with us the thoughtfulness and intentionality we witnessed at the family farm; the joyfulness and love of nature we experienced with Ua, Lizzie, Joy, Jackson and the boys at Kipuka Olowau; the beauty and comfort of Camp Olowalu; the uniqueness and magic of Hana; and the compassion and mindfulness we practiced with Danielle and Leah.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow alongside the Ohana crew this semester. We admire the depth, thoughtfulness, kindness, and goofiness that made this group so special.

We hope your summers and falls and winters and springs ahead are full of much more community, adventure, culture, nature, gratitude, and friendship. We have no doubt each of you will continue to lift up those around you and make positive ripples throughout your communities.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy summer.

Sincerely– with thanks, love, and aloha,

Natalie and Peter