On to the Atlas Mountains!

We’re almost to the end!

While we were in Marrakesh for a second time, some of us went back to the nice restaurant on the edge of the medina. Happy birthday to Tess, who turned 19 on the 22nd. Most unfortunately, a convenience store was discovered right by our hotel, so we had no choice but to get lots and lots of junk food. Omid went home a bit early, and although he was sad to miss the end of the trip, he was happy to be able to spend Thanksgiving at home.

The walk to and from Tamazight was beautiful – we all noted how much it looked like parts of America due to the trees and the creeks. The village itself was fantastic. Our hosts were so gracious and kind. We made food with the women, we cut grass for the animals, and we hiked across the mountain to a school, which was never used (the government hadn’t communicated with the village before installing it, so it was in a fairly inaccessible location.)

We spent the night in a hotel in Amizmiz, then began our trek through the Atlas Mountains. It rained all of the first day, which was nice while we were walking because it cooled us down, but then it was really cold when we stopped moving. The rest of the trek, the views were amazing – we were high enough to see the tops of clouds. Shoutout to our mountain guide Latifa and her amazing team for trekking through the mountains with us and being so wonderful.

– Bev