Only the beginning

After saying our last goodbyes in battambang we backed up and headed to Siem Reap. Seven hours of travel by boat and we arrived at our new home, Nita Villa, for a couple days. Our first day was spent touring a silk farm and learning the meticulous process of silk weaving, all the way from silk worm to silk shirt. Later that day we also got to see some stone and wood carving studios. Both of these places helped train locals in the trade and then hired them after the training period. The next day we visited one of the wonders of the world, Angkor Wat. The entire day was spent touring the massive site and ended with a not so climatic but very peaceful sunset on top of one of the outer lying temples. One free day later and we were on a plane to Laos, the second country we are visiting. Our first night we met with a carpediem contact named Dave who took us around and showed us the city of Vientiane. The next day we got to experience some local delicacies in the form of herbal sauna and traditional massage. We then traveled by bus to Loangprahbang, an event that ended up lasting 11 hours. Once we got here we got settled into a new guest house and woke up the next morning ready to explore. After deciding to rent bicycles we rode around all day visiting various memorials and wats. The next day, today, we went to see some epic waterfalls in the nearby mountains and after hiking up a near vertical trail to get to the top we cooled down in the pools of water at the bottom of the falls. Tomorrow we leave for our next activity, trekking for seven days in the mountains, at eight a.m.