By Overseas Educators Matt and Michelle

The dala dala bounced down the sandy dirt road heading from Matemwe to Stonetown. We were crammed and complete; facing one another on the modified truckbed, small mountains of gear between us. Our journey was in Its final stages and scanning the sun soaked faces around us, happiness and appreciation welled within. It was a sense of contentment born from challenge.

The words of Hunter S. Thompson resonated: Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Seal your exit doors and lean in. And, lean in, we did indeed. It certainly was not easy at times, be we stayed the course.

The art of good living is crafted in the transitions; being able to flow with the constant vicissitudes of life.

Now, as you disperse to your next phase, we are confident in your ability to show up with strength, humor and integrity.

Big Love,
Matt & Michelle