Orientation in Fes!

Written by Kayla

Salaam friends and family! Kayla here aka the cool one. Just kidding everyone here is the coolest. It’s honestly like we’ve all known each other for 3 months already!

I just have to put out there that our diet is superb. Bread and sweets (and I mean 4-sugar-cubes-in-a-cup-of-tea kind of sweet.)

Staying in the City of Fes for the beginning of the trip was amazing. The streets of the big Medina (market) we stayed in was so busy all the time and felt like walking through a big maze. But a colorful (kind of dirty) maze with fun shops and amazing food like Nacho Mama!

We went on a tour one day where our guide walked us through a lot of main parts and took us into the tannery where they make leather, that was really cool but smelled funny so they gave us little mint plants. Everyone here is so kind to us, every restaurant we go into are quick to get us a big table even moving people who were already eating (awkward) and give us such friendly service, even though we struggle to speak to one another, it’s amazing to realize how such small gestures can go a long way.

Funnies of the week: A salesman wanted us to trade Clemente for a rug. (We might have even considered it.) Also I stepped right into the sacred fountain in the middle of our hostel in Fes right after our tour guide told us about how their fountain water is special to the community. Fun fact, they turn it off when they need water. (so yes I am “that guy” now).

And to the biggest laugh of the week goes to when we were creating our Community Agreements, which included a “Go Hard” Agreement and Vanesia said “I will commit to go hard but not too hard, because of the Carpe sacred six policy said we can’t.” (I swear it was funny. I snort laughed!)

Don’t worry about us, we are all living and well! Eliana was even reborn.

P.S. BTDubssss Vanesia was here to help write 😛