Our Time In Agra

Written By Kari


I am Kari, from Portland Oregon. I have been given the job to share our cool Agra experience with you wonderful people! While in Agra we had a very educated guide that knew everything there is to know about this city and was willing to tell us about all the places we have visited. His name is Arif Ji.

Our first day in Agra, we got to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal! Behind this beautiful building made out of white marble and gem stones comes a very beautiful love story that everyone should know. Our wonderful guide Arif Ji believes that this love story is actually obsession and recommends that we should all return home and love better. This place is known as the Temple of Love. Though the love story is not the only cool thing about this place. The Taj Mahal has many optical illusions. Yes, I said optical illusions, it is one of the many reasons why this building is so famous. I can’t explain what it is that makes it so cool but I definitely recommend all of you to go and find out for yourself! The fun does not stop there though! The very next day we got to head to a place called Wild Life S.O.S. It is a sanctuary that rescues elephants, sloth bears, and tigers. They are a Non-Governmental Organization that try their best to rescue as many animals that have been mistreated and tortured for many different reasons. Our group only got the chance to visit the elephant sanctuary and learn about the reason why the animals have been used and mistreated in ways none of us can imagine. Getting the opportunity to learn more about the mistreatment these animals have gone through impacted the group as a whole, some more than others. It was really sad hearing about the things some of these elephants have been through and hearing their stories but at the same time we are happy for these animals because they are getting the care that they deserve.

We got to end our tour with Agra Fort. This place is filled with a lot of history; there are many different palaces that the Emperors and Empresses lived in for generations. Each palace has its own uniqueness when it comes to style. One of the Emperor’s that created the Taj Mahal also lived in the Agra Fort. The group had a very great experience being able to roam around this beautiful place that overlooks the Taj Mahal. The group had a great time exploring, taking a bunch of pictures and finding out more cool illusions about this place! Thanks to Arif Ji and his cool optical illusions, it definitely wouldn’t have been as fun if it wasn’t for him to show us all these cool things about the Agra Fort. We even got to end the day off by going to Sheroes Cafe. This cafe is run by women who have been disfigured by acid attacks and have pushed through to do what they love to do with the support of the community around them. These strong women were very friendly and were excited to serve us. The food was outstanding along with the experience being in this cafe. We got to end it by taking a group picture, as this was an unforgettable moment for many of us.

Agra has been truly amazing and we did a lot for the couple days we were there. Next up is Rishikesh, the Yoga capital of India! Until next time, Kari.


The group hanging out at Sheroes cafe.


Bonding time at the Red Fort.


Shanti and the Taj Mahal!


Hanging with our new elephant friends at wildlife SOS!
Some great graffiti we found in Agra.


Selfies at the Red Fort.


#werefusetoride, just outside of wildlife SOS.


The whole group (at the Red Fort) just before the rain.