Paucartambo and our trip into the jungle!

Hello! This is Carter from a tiny internet cafe in a tiny city in the Amazon!

to continue from what Stacey wrote, leaving from Hanaqpacha, our frist stop, was bittersweet. We were sad to say bye to such a peaceful scenery but we were all so anxious to continue on our journey. Hugo, our coordiantor for the next 10 days, joined us in Cusco. After a four hour drive thrugh hills and hills of beautiful scenery, we got off the bus at our next stop, a brief visit for bathr00ms and snacks in the little spanish city of Paucartambo. We walked through the centry of towen with all sets of natice eyes on us. out of place was a little bit of an understatement with out keens and cameras, but nonetheless we enjoyed the stop thouroughly. We continued on our way to the farm home of a wonderful woman named Maria, where were stayed for two nights and three days. We began our stay here by helping out around the farm. The girls cleared out all the weeds, grass and plants from a garden and we all admitted that we had never done so much physical labor in our lives! The boys spent the afternoon chopping firewood which was laborious as well. The next day we cleared weeds from an entire fiel of tomatoes, already sore from the day before, followed by plowing a field in preparation for harvesting potatoes. we were bewildered to find out one person usually controlled the two bulls while it took three of us! Anxous to get to the jungle,we left for our ¨two hour¨ bus ride. We soon realized that peruvians aren´t the best time estimators when that two hour ride turne dinto an eight hour one.