Peace Between Those Who Breathe Together

By Morgan Kromer

Peace between those who breathe together,
Ohana Amani,
Peace within,
Peace throughout.

We helped to make a class in trees,
Chainsaws rolling,
Branches falling,
Learninng center,
Welcome space.

Others helped out in the garden,
Pulling weeds,
Turning compost,
Raspberries snacked,
Orchards tended.

Afternoons were filled with growth,
Quiet moments,
Laughter present,
Some reflection,
Our stories.

Our day of silence was a struggle,
Not for most,
But for a few.
Daylight fasting,
Enjoying nature.

Dowtime filled with lots of reading,
Many books,
Lots of stories,
Required reading,
Mystical lands.

Meals comprised with nourishing foods,
Fresh salads,
Homemade crutons,
Local Uji,
Yummy Pasta.

Sleeping outdoors in some tents,
Spiders crawling,
Headlamps glowing,
Late night screaming,
Tin roof rain.

Alas our time there is now over,
Lessons learned,
Memories grown,
Fresh food eaten,
Peace now made.