Pigs, Sheep, and a Whole Lot of Manure!

By Jake and Nico

Ciao and Hola from Jake and Nico to all Hongi 2017 fans. We are here to recount this past week’s adventures and experiences. Unfortunately, Jake and I were both out of commission with illness, which meant that a therapeutic Harry Potter movie marathon was called for.

We arrived at the Mangarara Farm after spending the night in Napier and were blown away by the beauty of the scenery and the hospitality of Hart Family and friends. For many of us, this was our first introduction to permaculture farming, a method of farming that attempts to create a harmonious ecosystem between all portions of the farm. The food was always fresh, as all produce and meat/dairy came directly from the farm.

The daily routine involved a domestic group and an afternoon working crew that would change periodically. Some of the domestic tasks included waking up early to milk cows, feeding lambs, learning how to skin a sheep, and prepared lunch and dinner (homemade lamb curry was definitely a favorite). The afternoon group focused more on labor jobs such as planting new trees and pulling weeds. Some students even had the opportunity to watch a sheep be slaughtered which was definitely a memorable experience.

As night fell we were welcomed by the traditions of the Hart family which included many games of Werewolf, a favorite among their daughter and two sons. It was also a big birthday week as we had 3 BIRTHDAYS!!!!! Breezy, Elsa, and Elliot all had memorable days of group love and of course a freshly baked cake for all of them. Overall, it was definitely an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone (even Nico and Jake). We are now saying goodbye to New Zealand as we begin our next adventure in Fiji. Talk to you all soon!

Much love,
Your favorite writers and men.