Quito scavenger hunt

Hola this is Will, Josh, Dana, and Lauren checking in from the vast and beautiful city of Quito. Today on our scavenger hunt we traversed the narrow streets to the local laundromat where we completed our first
task of obtaining toilet paper. We then pushed on deeper into the heart of the city to our next destination the Parque de Carolina. Next we went to the church of San Fransisco, a large and intricate gothic
cathedral. We spent lots of time here which consisted of buying souvenirs, sending postcards to our families, watching part of a church service, and journeying through many flights of stairs, a drawbridge, and ladders to the top where were greeted with a magnificent view of the city. Two local women lost control when they saw Will and Josh and asked for photographs. After a tedious and dangerous descent back out of the church, we questioned many locals in attempt to find an internet cafe, which we are now at.