Reflection Retreat

Written By Jess

Hello again!

For the last 5 days, Sabai Spring 2019 took a break from all the cities we’ve been staying in attend a yoga retreat near the beach town of Kep! We yoga-ed (and much more) with Sarah and her husband, Larry, at the Yoga Barn (yes there was a barn plus two sheep and chickens) as their first ever retreat group. At first our group was divided. Cari and Brian both have a passion for and experience with yoga. Some members of our group liked yoga, but had limited experience. And, the others were hesitant about the exercises and were prepared to participate in but not necessarily fall in love with the sessions. However, through the days of morning yoga (before breakfast *gasp*), chakra dancing, partner exercises, sometimes painful stretches, and singing bowl meditation, we discovered a newfound appreciation for the ancient art. We were all particularly touched by the love and care with which Sarah and Larry guided, taught, and looked after us. We ate like kings and queens and were inspired by Sarah’s yogic beliefs of internal balance and the connection between the mind and physical body. We enjoyed our 5 days at the Yoga Barn so much that we wanted to contribute to Sarah and Larry’s growth by leaving a mark of art at the retreat center. We spent 2 nights (including 1 all-nighter (sorry mom)) painting a chakra lotus with the word “om” inscribed inside on her healing room wall.

Thank you Sarah and Larry for an amazing, restorative, reflective week!