Our first few days in Rishikesh were very relaxing. We were able to explore the yoga capital of the world and reflect on our experiences in India thus far. Some of us took the opportunity of the clean Ganges water to wash our sins away. We dunked in the water 3 times, as is customary in the hindu culture. The water was cold and clear, but very refreshing.
We also had the opportunity to go white water rafting. Our guide Sunil made the adventure through the rapids safe AND fun! After a long day of rafting, we jumped off a 20 foot rock into the chilly water.
This week, we are going to be immersed in the ashram experience. Our schedule will consist of yoga, meditation, contemplative walks, lectures, and simple meals. It’s most likely that we won’t have internet access this week, so don’t expect to hear from us. Don’t worry, we’ll be sending our positive meditation vibes your way!
Peace and LOVE.