Sabai Scavenger Hunt Check-ins

Hello from Thailand,
Audrey, Joe, and Paulina here, It has been an amazing four days or orientation, eating some amazing food, learning everything we will need to know for how to be travelers instead of tourists. Tomorrow we head out to our homestays, and we are really looking forward to that. Thailand is full of good vibes, and even better food!!

These past few days have been a blast! Besides all the activities that we are participating in during orientation, we are seeing markets, eating authentic Thai food, and sweating through every article of clothing that we brought. Thai food, we discovered, is quite spicy, but do not worry, every table consists of more spices if you do so choose. You can rest assured that because of this and the heat, we are staying well hydrated. Tomorrow, we will leave Chiang Mai and go North to live with host families.

Sammi, Harrison, and Claire C.

Hi there, folks!

This is Madi, Claire G., Kylie, and Bryley reporting from Chiang Mai, Thailand! We have been walking around for the last three hours attempting to find an internet cafe, but it turns out it’s two minutes from where we are staying… whoops!

Some highlights of our trip so far have been khao soi, mango sticky rice, and pad thai. Can you tell we like the food? Yesterday we visited the night market in the old city, which was really cool. Vendors were set up down the block, there was music playing, and a ton of people were walking around exploring.

Our group dynamic is neato, and everyone gets along spectacularly! We are laughing a lot. AH HA HA HA

We are both excited and nervous to go to our homestays tomorrow.

Over and out! See you next time on… Paradise.