Safari in Ruaha

A safari through picturesque bush lands was the only way to end our time on mainland Tanzania. Ruaha National Park is a collection of conversations covering 40,000 square kilometers. It is home to largest game population in Tanzania. It hosts large herds of antelope, kudus, grants gazelles, and ostriches. The wildlife was almost as enchanting as a Planet Earth documentary. It started with the sight of the first giraffe head protruding over the tree tops, followed elephants stampeding towards our truck, and a river filled with hippos and crocodiles that showed the true cohabitation of all animals in the Ruaha national park. Although most members of our group were able to cross something off of our bucket list, we also faced a few challenges during our stay. While staying with Wildlife Connection, we were sleeping in tents that would only cool down from the 104 degree days in the early morning. The heat would then rise when we set out in our open roof safari vehicles. With the rather intimate environment in the trucks, the heat was exhausting. by the end of the last day we were all looking forward to our next stop in Iringa that offered air conditioned rooms, cats to play with, and western food to give us a break from our exclusive diet of rice and beans.