Safari Njema from Your OEs

Well we’ve done it. After a swift escape from the sweltering labyrinth of Dar es Salaam, we write you from the southeastern coast of Zanzibar, basking in the cooling breezes of the Indian Ocean. Slowly, through this white coastal sunlight, the dust is finally beginning to settle, and we’ve been able to wind down and reflect on the powerful adventure we shared with you.

As your leaders, we couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated, inspiring, and fun group of people to have traveled with. All of your unique gifts, stories, and especially, quirks, made our time together so much more than just a gap year trip.

You are now all initiated members of the bad-ass traveler club, and you should know that from now on, you can handle anything that is thrown at you, be it escaping a burning bus, navigating an other-worldly street market, or simply ordering food in an unfamiliar language.

We’re not just a bunch of young people who happened to share 12 memorable weeks. We’re a family, and we’ve witnessed one other grow, change, cry, laugh, and transform on a level that only a family can understand.

Here’s to you, Flaming Bus Champions!

Simon & Alison