Safe and Sound

I wanted to post something immediately to let you all know that all of the students in all Carpe Diem groups are well, in good spirits, and bedding down for the night without incident. I’m sure some parents have noticed in the news that there’ve been some bomb blasts in Delhi and the leaders, in their safety-consciousness, have all checked in with me and had this to say:

hey Ethan,

just a quick note to let you know that we are all fine. in case you did not hear, there were 4 bomb blasts in delhi today – less than an hour ago. we have all the students here at the hotel – a little quarantine. nothing happened here in the pahar ganj where we’re staying, but one bomb was at connaught place. we’re just playing it safe. we will contact the embassy before heading out in the morning just to let them know we’re well. sounds like a good night to do some sing-a-longs on the rooftop. or as leaders we can do bollywood interpretative dance. one never knows…