Scavenger hunt check in!

It is Anna, Jimmy, and PJ from the Quetzal Central America group. Currently we are in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. As part of this orientation scavenger hunt we are tasked with sending you a couple sentences about our time so far in Nicaragua to spice up your day and give it a litte livelihood.

So far we have been getting to know each other in the group with various group activities. Some things were clear from the start, Bradley was never afraid to share his thoughts, Maggie loves telling people about love, and trip leader Doug never shies away from a little dancing. We have had plenty of time to explore the city, where there has been a vibrant Central American Independence Day Parade going on. We even got to play frisbee with some local kids yesterday. All in all, we have been having an awesome time!

– Anna, Jimmy, and PJ