Scavenger Hunt in Delhi!

Emilia, Dani, Nate and Catherine here from an internet cafe in New Delhi!
After 2 days of traveling, an adventurous layover in the city of Hong Kong, and many delirious diversions, we have arrived happy and healthy in New Delhi! From the moment we arrived, we were thrown into the rich culture here- the chaos of traffic, stories of sacred cows, and delicious food.
The past few days, we have been orienting ourselves and getting to know all of Shanti group as well as the city. We have visited many beautiful local places such as Raj Ghat, which is the memorial for Ghandi, and Juma Masjid, which is the oldest mosque in India!! The food has been incredible, venues ranging from restaurants to street markets.
Today the four of us have ventured out into the city to complete a scavenger hunt all while getting our feet wet in navigating ourselves! So far we have taken quite the adventurous tuk tuk ride to the other side of New Delhi called Connaught Place, which is a more “upscale shopping center”. Nate has bargained for a beautiful traditional Indian scarf and Catherine has made friends with a kind book shop owner who guided us to this internet cafe!
To describe said internet cafe- We are in a large closet sized room with about 10 people crowded around just typing away!!
We have plans to venture out into the busy city again on the search of food and a nice people watching spot that preferably serves chai.
The hanger is setting in so…. out to the street we go!!

Much love to you all, and shanti shanti shanti!!
Emilia, Dani, Nate and Catherine