Scavenger Hunt Time!

By Hannah, Tucker, Maya, and Isabel

Today is our first day going into Delhi without the OEs. It’s been an adventure. After stopping to get lunch at a street stand, we took a rickshaw to central Delhi in the government area. We are in a tourist information center writing this blog. The people are very nice and helpful, we already love it here!!! After this we will go and try to find a couple more things on our scavenger hunt.

Yesterday we went into Old Delhi where we try to get into the largest Mosque in the city but to no avail. We made a friend who followed us around reciting his poetry to us. Lots of snaps were given. We got some street samosas and some pani puri which was a very fun and interactive snack. We took rickshaws home for the first time and spent the rest of the night in the Hostel. We bonded and connected and called it a night. We are so excited for the rest of this trip!

Thanks for reading. Check in later!