Scavenger Hunt Time!

By Ella, May, and Keshav

Hello from an internet cafe in Connaught in New Delhi! Today is our fourth full day in Delhi and we’re doing a scavenger hunt by ourselves throughout the city. So far we’ve taken two rickshaws, been helped by a couple of friendly locals, and tried our first lassis! We’ve experienced many cool things so far in this city.

On our first full day we went to a mosque and took many pictures with the locals and held their babies! On our second day, we toured Old Delhi and visited the Red Fort, two Jain temples, and got invited to a Muslim wedding where we were treated with kindness and hospitality.

Yesterday we got a nice change of scenery and went to the beautiful Lodhi Gardens, explored some of India’s ancient architecture, and spontaneously harmonized in a tomb. During our designated social hour when we got back to the hostel, we all jammed out to the one and only “Hey There Delilah,” and got to hear Bria’s beautiful fiddle playing for the first time 🙂 Tomorrow we are beginning our next adventure with an early morning train to Jaipur.