Scavenging for an Adventure!

Chinese Gardens!


With our scavenger hunt wrapped up and the final super moon of the summer having guided us home, we – Matt and Gwen – are full of bliss and more excitement than ever to begin our East African adventure with all of you!

Today was a welcome window into the lifestyle that we will soon all be sharing: learning about the region we are living in through exploration, humor and reflection. Our afternoon adventure began with a bike ride through the local streets, shifted gears as we laughed at our respective favorite childhood literature, calmed toward reflection and sharing during a slow walk through the Chinese Gardens and culminated with a natural show of thousands of birds all nesting for the night in a single school chimney. Of course, we have to mention having sled down the local hill on the slickest cardboard you have ever seen.

This is a space where we will share our adventures with our friends, family, and the greater world. Throughout the semester you will all be updating this blog so that everyone will be able to share in our travels and experiences. Feel free to direct them to this site!

It’s hard to believe that in just a few days we will be boarding our flight to the other side of the world – to sunshine, warmth, savannas, and smiling faces. In the meantime, to all our students, soak up the comforts of home and the hugs of friends and family. We can’t wait to see you soon!