Scuba Certified!

Hey guys!

Today is our very last day in Cairns to veg out before our flight home tomorrow. We have been enjoying our decompression day by walking around and exploring the beautiful city of Cairns. We have spent the past week taking part in a class to get scuba certified. The class involved, watching introduction videos on diving, practicing surface and underwater skills in a pool (such as mask removal, and controlled decent), and hanging out with our crazy dive instructor Nedd. We started the week in a class room, diving in a pool and getting used to the feel of breathing underwater and controlling our decent to the bottom. Then we took a boat to Fitzroy island where we started our first open water dives. We did three dives the first day where we practiced our skills we learned and then we took the boat out the next day to the middle of the ocean and did two dives in the great barrier reef. We saw a ton of cool aquatic life, including a shark, a string ray, a puffer fish and a nemo fish! It was absolutely amazing.  I was a little unsure about diving and breathing underwater at first, however after being in the pool, practicing skills and talking to Nedd about it, I became super comfortable with it. Overall the experience was amazing and we all had the time of our lives!


See you guys soon!