Scuba Duba

Strange to be thinking about Scuba diving in Roatan, while sitting in Tucson sipping on coffee as my husband continues to purge our stuff (already four bags to Goodwill).  I flip through my pictures on the computer and am warmed by the swimsuits, sun and smiles we were sharing that last week of our semester.  Scuba is such a magical sensation that opens up a whole new world underwater.  We had an incredible team of dive instructors, a beautiful reef with countless varieties of fish, and perfect weather (raining the days up to Itza’s arrival, and raining our final day on the island when we were done diving). Our final dive, together as an Itza group (minus two), brought us up close and personal (but not too close of course being the good PADI scuba divers we are) with six amazing sea turtles during our dive!

Our final group dinner was not only delicious, but enhanced by our beautiful ladies dressed in their best and wonderful words of thanks and awe toasted over sparkling grape juice!  I am not even going to try to fully express the deep feeling of gratitude I felt, and still strongly feel,  for having been given such an amazing group of individuals (and a Co) to travel Central America with this fall.  I miss you all dearly and can truly say that I am thankful for our Facebook page.

Les quiero muchisimo,