See You Soon

Dear Salaam Students,

In a few short days we will gather at JFK airport to embark on our three-month journey of adventure, discovery and personal growth.

We’ll start in Spain, learning Spanish and exploring the rich texture and fascinating history of Andalusia before crossing the Mediterranean Sea to North Africa. The bulk of our semester will be spent in Morocco, where we’ll explore ancient medinas, learn about traditional and modern Moroccan life, and drink mint tea until we can drink no more mint tea. And then… we’ll drink more mint tea.

Our group has the distinct honor of attempting the longest, most ambitious trek in Carpe Diem history– more than 100 miles on the Camino Mozarabe. Will we make it? Stay tuned, dear readers, to follow our journey.

Cari and Shan, your Overseas Educators, are stoked to share their experience with you and to learn from you on our adventure together. Your trusty leaders are stern, stoic people. Nah, just kidding! We’re fun, curious travelers who love trying new things and going new places.

See ya soon Salaam Students! C&S